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A range of classic Christian titles by authors such as Charles Finney, Oswald J. Smith, Roy Hession, Andrew Murray and David Wilkerson.

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The Cross and the Switchblade
The Cross and the Switchblade
One of the greatest true stories of our time – now available in high quality hardback for just £2.50

The Cross and the Switchblade is rightly regarded as a modern classic. Telling the story of David Wilkerson’s work amongst the gangs in New York, it is one of the most faith-stirring, inspirational books ever written. This very high quality new edition includes the most recent updates.

Suitable for both Christians and unbelievers, consider using this book as a gift for youth clubs and as an evangelistic tool for friends. Suitable for ages teen to adult.

Over 50 million copies in print. Translated into 30 languages.

Retail price: £2.50 Approx. Size: 184 x 117 mm Hardback ISBN 978-1-905044-29-0




God Speaks Through Hurricanes
God Speaks Through Hurricanes
The biblical truth about the weather, global warming and natural disasters

Who controls the weather – God or man? The Bible teaches unequivocally that it is God; but more than that, it makes it clear that every hurricane, storm and earthquake is specifically ordained by God. If that is true, what does it say about climate change? And if God is a God of love, why does He ordain natural disasters that bring suffering to millions?

In this hard-hitting book, Daniel Harrison uses the Word of God to cut through human theories and shed light on the issue. Showing how the Bible teaches that God is sovereign and in control of every circumstance, he goes on to use history to illustrate how God has specific reasons for the weather that He sends. Prepare to be amazed and to rethink your theology as the author brings biblical truth to bear on this controversial topic.

Paperback, 176 pages, retail price: £4.00, ISBN: 978-1-905044-16-0, Size: 198 x 132 x 10 mm

"We heartily recommend this book." British Church Newspaper


Lord, why am I ill?
Lord, why am I ill?
A handbook of divine healing

Why do Christians fall ill? How can we receive divine healing? The author relates his own experience of miraculous divine healing and gives the compelling scriptural answer to these questions.

Biblical, readable and thoroughly practical, this book re-establishes truths taught by Andrew Murray, Watchman Nee and others.

To read a sample chapter from the book, please click here.pdf

Paperback, 288 pages, retail price: £4.00, ISBN 978-1-905044-04-7, Size: 216 x 138 x 14 mm

"I believe a book of this nature brings hope and incentive to seek healing from the Lord. For many, this could be a journey of exciting spiritual growth while pursuing a positive physical benefit."

Colin Compton Pastor, Pentecostal Church, Welwyn Garden City